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Thank you very much for passing this on to us.

On behalf of the entire US Editing Community, our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

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[ R.I.P. Iainhouse - Oct 21st 2021

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Good bye, dear friend! 😔
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We'll miss you every time we will meet
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this Brooklyn Boy will always remember the help you had given and will pay it forward.

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May God console all those that loved him, very sad news. I hoped his family and friends would have had more time. 
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RIP Iainhouse. 
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8-) :lol:

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You will be always missed Iain! We won't forget.
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johnsninja58 wrote: Wed Oct 27, 2021 3:12 am We are sadden to hear of the passing of Iain, while our paths never crossed we had a similar passion for editing.  We dedicate this map comment to the memory of Iain House knowing that while the seasons may pass his imprint on the community will last forever. 

Hey John,

Can I suggest you encourage your country management to speak to staff and get this locked to level 7 so it can never be removed? :)
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May your new journey take you to wonderful places, hello Iain  :oops:
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You can recognise heroes by the fact that they deny being heroes.
Thank you for letting me get to know you!
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