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Play as Bluetooth phone call work around

Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2021 9:44 pm
by mikebsl
I figured out a work around when the play as Bluetooth phone call does not work. 

Make sure the Play sound via is set to Play as a Bluetooth phone call, and your phone is connected to your car's Bluetooth. I have an iPhone 12, and an older vehicle that has Bluetooth.  Have Waze running and then either make a call, or have someone call you while your phone is connected to Bluetooth.  After the call plays over Bluetooth, you can hang up.  Voilà, Waze will now come over your speaker as a Bluetooth phone call.  

On previous versions of Waze I had turned off the setting on Waze under Audio player-> Show on map to off, but that doesn't work on the most up to date version of Waze.  If you have an issue with my suggestion in the previous paragraph, try shutting off the show on map for the audio player as well.