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Post by krankyd
We post our beta versions here. Who can install them depends on the phone:
For iPhone, only users who have registered to our beta iphone list (and got the confirmation that they are part of the group) can install this version...
For Android, any user can install our beta version as long as they allow "unknown sources" in their phone's settings.
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wazing like a hurricane

Post by macneo
I think I'm missing something: ... s5a2qd.jpg ... hckgqk.jpg
I hadn't turned on the manual recording on the client for 4-5 months because I've always hated fake red roads (I prefer to work from scratch on the editor), and now I'm getting these strange new red segments with my name as author and today as the gps timestamp (so it's been the new iPhone beta, either the .2 or .4… I can't say)

Is there some kind of new auto-recording mode that I'm not aware of?
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Post by MarkOnTheRoads
milkyway35 wrote:Anybody can explain me where I can find informations to subscribe beta list ?

As far as I know they are fully subscribed already. Apple has a ridiculous limit on the number of people that can participate in the developer testing programs. I included my name when they originally asked for participants but didn't make the list. :(
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Post by milkyway35
Anybody can explain me where I can find informations to subscribe beta list ?

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Post by muchski
sorry to hijack but seriously android and iphone users complaing about updates?

Are you using 1.5 or 1.4 stable version of waze??? Please guys don't forget about the WM community I am sure there are more of us than you think, despite surge in iPhone and android platforms wm has been number one for a long time and despite losing marketshare last 2-3 years it still has the largest userbase. Windows Phone 7 should address the user friendly issues plaguing the platform, if not I will jump to Android but regardless of the trends more uniform build deployment would be appreciated!

Thanks guys
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Post by noodlesnz
How do you install this? I opened the file with itunes and tried to sync to my iphone, but it says "The application "waze" was not installed on the iPhone "Nick's iPhone" because the signer is not valid.

Is this only available to jailbroken iPhones?
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Post by noodlesnz
I guess I'll just have to wait until it's released to the app store
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Post by noodlesnz
Just FYI, Waze seems faster and the GPS is more accurate in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 1. I get GPS locks quicker and it seems more accurate.
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Post by PeterG
StefanSarzio wrote:How about a new Android beta version?
Nope, not before a new Windows Mobile version which is far behind and should be updated first and quickly :evil: ;)


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