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Post by kndcajun
Thank you for recording. I'm not often able to catch the Sunday morning live streams, but I do enjoy watching the recordings later.

I really like the concept of celebrating the editing community more openly and in the app. Many app users out there don't realize that they can participate in improving the waze experience. If celebrating the community could somehow be incorporated more into the day-to-day use of the app, then perhaps we would see a drastic increase in participation, and a resulting increase in updated data for the map.
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Post by mythdraug
I heard a couple times that you hoped to provide more information to users (chat, push notifications, ... ) in the app itself.   However, once again, this is a feature where the car-integrated experience lags.   Users who connect to AA/CP do not get in-app notifications.   

(BTW:  Everry part of the Waze app is designed as an in-car experience.   You should distinguish, as I did, between the car-integrated experience and stand-alone experience).
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Post by nayparks
Thanks everyone for watching this event and for your super thoughtful and helpful feedback, PLEASE keep it coming and know that I am absolutely going to read every single comment here and will ask our leaders at Waze to do the same. 

Some thoughts so far based on your comments:

1) I'm very happy to see what we presented as focus areas seems to resonate w/all of you. 
2) It's helpful to see your thoughts on relative prioritization, for example, in car progress feels critical as does a focus on app quality and reliability. EV is also clearly important. 
3) There was a comment on NFTs- this is definitely a live discussion right now at Waze! Not sure where it'll go but we're thinking about it. 
4) Seems like there's a lot of heart for the 'friends' feature and at the least, a desire to understand why we are making the decisions we are in this area. I'll make sure to educate myself on this as I'm not as familiar with the feature and the ask/rationale for decision. (@hila let me know :) )
5) 100% agree on celebrating the editing community more and helping all of our users to understand how Waze comes to life. I think this will be a win all around. 

...and finally, yes, will get to work on Waze socks ASAP  :D
Please keep your feedback coming here, would love to hear from more of the Community!
Waze Team
Waze Team
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Neha Parikh
CEO, Waze

Post by pshotts
Neha gave an excellent presentation of the high level goals for 2022. :D
I believe that bringing the In-Car - AA and CarPlay - functionality up to the level of the phone app should be the very top priority for Waze at this time.
As a Beta tester using Waze with AA pretty much exclusively for the last 3 years it has been immensely frustrating to read about many new features being introduced and tested and almost never see them in practice. :roll:
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Post by YogiJB
If I can juggle the priority list a little bit, I think it should be more like this:
  • App quality and reliability: core functionality is what drives users to Waze.
  • In-Car technology: missing a lot of the functions that the regular app offers. It also makes it harder for editors, as we're editing with several platforms in mind.
  • Fully realizing “half-baked” features: yes please! Multiple Entry Points for Android is well overdue!
  • Sustainability (EV and more): it would be really neat if the Waze app could automatically read out the autonomy of an electric car and chose charging stations in consequence.
  • Moving Carpool to a smaller, regional experiment to put Waze core back into focus: Carpooling is an important aspect of sustainability.
  • Gamification: should be on the bottom of the priorities list. Functionality over fun.
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