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Waze support map update request: Road Type issues (Highways, Private road, Parking)

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2022 5:29 pm
by wazecsforum

We’ve received a map update request to Waze support and we’re posting here on the user’s behalf. The link to this post will be forwarded for the user to follow up.

This is the user’s request:

[City] Vienna

[Permalink] ... e_location

[Request type] Road Type issues (Highways, Private road, Parking)

[The user's request content]
"In Vienna I had a meeting yesterday at the Hotel am Stephansplatz and Waze sent me to wrong direction twice not calculating the works around the hotel going on for months!!! So I was late from a very important meeting and never could drive to the hotel. What about this case? Thanks regards"

"Hi Waze Team
I typed the complete address and then tapped the search button ( Jasomirgottstrasse 1.)
Date and time: 20.08.2022, 12:30
I had to go to Jasomirgottstrasse 1. and Waze wanted to send me through Bauernmarkt which is now one way from the opposite direction for a long time because of road works. Somebody suggested to drive from the Opernring, so I switched off Waze, drove to the Opernring switched on Waze and it sent me back the same place where I couldn't drive in before.
In this case it would me much better if Wate  says sorry I can not show you the route and not let me waste time and being late from an important meeting.
Waiting for your early reply
Best regards

[Screenshot] See attached screenshots 


The Waze Support team