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Requests for changing the lock rank of a road (unlock).
If you get a message that you don't have permission to edit a certain road, because it's locked at a higher rank, insert your request to here.

Requests to change the map.
If you encounter an incorrect situation on the map, you can post it in this subforum.

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Luxembourg, Unlock request

Post by world_7i8ul1bw
Hi Editors,

I would like to be able to edit the following segments.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Permalink: ... t=20785899
There is no 2-way but a 1-way from B to A
Unlock to level: 1

Thank you in advance,
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Post by Fischenicher
Thanks for your unlock request.

A closure in Rue des Scillas in Howald has been added on september 16. You can only turn from the Rangwee tunnel into Rue des Scillas but coming from Cactus Hobby you can't go to the tunnel Rangwee. Isn't that correct?

You can also get help in the Waze Belux Slack

Greetings, Stefan

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