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Waze support map update request: [Road Type issues (Highways, Private road, Parking)] 

Post by wazecsforum
Hi,We’ve received a map update request to Waze support and we’re posting here on the user’s behalf. The link to this post will be forwarded for the user to follow up.This is the user’s request:[Czech Republic][City Prague][Permalink ... e_location][Request type]:
  • Road Type issues (Highways, Private road, Parking)
 [The user's request content]
The user stated that there were taxi drivers that were driving through their property that was marked as closed with a no-entry sign. He mentioned that he has been correcting the map using and Google but he found out that it’s not marked yet in the Waze application. He’s requesting to mark the location as closed and inaccessible for drivers to avoid more of them being routed in their area that has been marked as closed for 10 years.Thanks,The Waze Support team
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Post by GinBook

The map has been edited, but we are not sure that this is the exact location. 
If there is a user who reported the error we need clarification. 

Language EN, CZ.

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