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Waze Chat Groups - Going Live!

Post by Anat-S-Staff

We’re happy to announce that Waze Chat Groups are now ready to roll out to everyone!

We’d like to thank the community groups who volunteered to test Groups - your feedback was very helpful and you’ll see lots of your requests rolling out as new capabilities, later this year 🙂

What are Waze Chat Groups?
Waze Chat allows you to carry your conversations between all Waze platforms: The Waze app, WME, Wazeopedia, phpBB and Discuss.
Now, the same list of chat messages, can have a group chat, once you’re added to one 🙂

Chat Group current capabilities
  • Mute group
  • Leave group
  • Basic chat features (no reply / quote, no attachments, no edit / delete message)
  • Group admin (community member)

I want to create a Waze Chat Group!
Great! Country managers (Coordinators) can submit a request for a new group chat through here!
We’re working on a more streamlined process for this request flow.

We'll be supporting 3 types of groups:
  1. Local groups - to allow all level editors
  2. Learning groups - to support new editors (levels 1-3, you decide) - This will allow us to make progress on a planned feature, to invite new editors into local Learning groups.
  3. Other - for other combinations you’d like to have groups for 🙂 
So we’re basically supporting various group types, but we’re keeping this division to support upcoming new-editor features.

I want to join my local group chat!
Please reach out to your local leaders to ask if a group was already created for your local community 🙂

Members can join groups through:
  • Join links: Protected by audience rules, defined per group. I.e. - 
    • Only editors from Slovenia can join
    • Only editors from Slovenia, levels 4-6 can join
    • Audience rules are OPTIONAL and can include:
    • Country
    • State
    • Metro
    • Editor level
    • App language
    • Special groups like Champs, etc. 
  • Added by staff: Users added directly to the group, don't have to qualify to the Audience rules. 

Are Waze Chat Groups monitored by staff?
No, they are not.
We ask that each group has a community admin, or several admins, who are there to lead the group.

What capabilities do Admins have?
  • Change the group’s description
  • Remove people from the group

How many people can join a group?
Right now, up to 200 participants per group.
When the group reaches its cap, new participants will not be able to join the group.

On the roadmap capabilities 
  • Emoji picker
  • Reply / quote
  • Attachments 

In general: While having a Group platform is amazing, Waze isn’t a Chat company, so it’s important to note that we don’t aim to have the same set of skills as other chat platforms. 
We’re prioritizing cool new capabilities, but as you’ll surely understand, we prefer to prioritize WME and App features 🙂 so we’ll totally understand if you choose not to make Waze Chat Groups your preferred group chat platform.

We’re here for questions and comments 🙂
Anat, on behalf of the Waze Communities team.
Waze Team
Waze Team
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Post by Anat-S-Staff
Hey friends,

A quick update that Waze Chat now includes an Emoji keyboard: ... b3b90e.png

Stay tuned for more updates  :)
Have a great day.
Waze Team
Waze Team
Posts: 784
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