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United States Area Manager Application

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United States Area Manager Application

An Area Manager (AM) is a Waze community member (a user) who takes an active and proactive role in maintaining specific areas of the Waze map. An Area Manager has a defined area to manage, which is different than being able to edit only within a certain distance of where you have driven. AM areas are geographically-defined locations which do not expire automatically after 90 days. How deeply involved and how much time an Area Manager spends maintaining the Waze map varies greatly.

Prospective Area Managers should already...
  • ...have at least a few months of experience editing the Waze maps regularly.
    ...have read and followed the guidelines for mapping found in the wiki, starting at the Waze Map Editing page.
    ...understand how to properly use extension scripts, and use them very cautiously to avoid inadvertent map damage and to prevent the perception of abuse.
    ...have completed at least 5000 quality edits.
    ...have a real Waze username which does not start with usa_.
    ...have their state, country in their forum profile.
    ...have forum PMs enabled and associated with a valid and verifiable email address. active in the Waze forums, asking questions, and even providing guidance for newer editors, if possible.
    ...know who the regional coordinator is for the area they are requesting. (Knowing the correct answer to this is a strong indicator as to how much reading an applicant has done of the forums and Wiki. This is also important because a new editor is likely to have interaction with their Regional Coordinator, who will be overseeing their editing.)
    ...know how to find their State’s individual Wiki & Forum page
Expansion Request...
  • ...must be made after at least 45 days. with Formal and Informal Mentorship, 45 days can be shorten and up to the discretion of the RC.

AM Inspection Process
During the Area Manager approval process each applicant will be reviewed by the RC responsible for that region (sometimes other RC's will assist when one is busy). This review is comprehensive and will cover all aspects of editing.

It is hard to give an exact list of items that will be looked for as it is very dynamic based on the area being inspected and the applicants experience and attention to detail. But you can expect to have the following reviewed:
-Road types, turn restrictions, angles, etc
-UR/MP etiquette

**A great way to prepare for an AM review would be to ask your State Manager to review your area and provide helpful feedback.**

Duties of an Area Manager include, but are not necessarily limited to:
  • Seek to continuously improve the maps for navigation, i.e. naming un-named roads and properly setting allowed/restricted turns based on guidelines found in the wiki, such as Best Map Editing Practice.
  • Make changes to the map when road geometry needs to be changed, or roads added or removed from the map.
  • Edit road construction areas, especially for closures, so that users are not routed into those areas.
  • Respond to and act on Update Requests from Waze drivers.
  • Maintain speed and red-light cameras, processing reports of devices from Waze drivers.
  • Process and resolve Map Errors or Problems as shown on that layer in the Waze Map Editor.
  • Act as a mentor to other editors, offering advice in the forums and when you see improper edits on the map.
If you would like to become a US Area Manager, or expand your existing area, please complete the Application for US Area Manager.
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