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United States under Self-Area Management

Post by AlanOfTheBerg
The US is now self-managing the application, review, and approval of Area Managers, State Managers and Country Managers.

Area Managers

Read the United States Area Manager Application thread for an overview of AM requirements and the link to the application form.

Area Managers are subject to peer and periodic review and AM areas may be shrunk or removed, and AM Rank 3 access rescinded if mapping guidelines are not followed, communications inappropriate, inability of community members to receive a response from the AM, etc.

State Managers

Read the United States New Community Role: State Manager (SM) for an overview of SM requirements and information on how to become a SM.

Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators are the primary reviewer and approver of all Area Manager requests within their Region. These, like Area and Country managers, are volunteer positions held by community members who have proven themselves to be helpful, insightful, resourceful, and who put high value to the mapping guidelines and quality, timely communications. In some situations, the Regional Coordinator may request additional input and feedback from other Regional Coordinators or Country Managers.

Country Managers

The application and review process for country managers is under review. (Nov 2018)
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