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world.waze - new aerial images server

Post by krankyd
we've uploaded a new server for aerial images. While most areas will probably remain the same, you will notice a few changes:
#Aerial images are now available even when zoomed out
#Aerial images (should) work much faster
#Some areas that had issues with low-res images in the past, should see better images

Please let us know if you have any feedback - i.e. areas that used to have good images and now don't have them (if your area still has low-res images only - our apologies, but not much we can do)

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wazing like a hurricane

Post by Bullety
Please take a look at the region Göppingen, Germany.

The aerial photos are not usable at all, they are so low-res, there is nothing to see (in all zoom-steps).

Possibly there could be new aerial data added from another source?!
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Area Manager Raum Göppingen

Post by fpancheri
It's not working in Brazil.
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Post by hodgetts
Any chance of adding the UK Ordnance Survey Open Street Maps for the UK - this would make mapping a breeze?
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Post by leocylau
nothing for the UK :?:
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Post by nivong
Nice but are the images the newest of the newest? Or still the same?

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Post by TK80866
Great... now if we can get the aerials back in the www area (at least in my area they're gone), then we can all do some editing again..
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Had a lot of outdated stuff here.. I should be more active, I guess ;)

Post by Viking63ef
The resolution for Abu Dhabi is OK I would say but the images are probably around 3 to 3 1/2 years old. Imagine trying to use them in a city where roads are changing from week to week :-)
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Post by waynemcdougall
Don't you just point your camel in the direction you want to go?
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