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Introduce yourself!

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Hi Guys,

I was missing this important thread in the Australian country forum. It's important to act as a team....for that, we should know eachother better. I'm sure a lot of you do know eachother better allready, but I would like to ask you all, to introduce yourself to us all. Just the info you want to share.

I will kick off....

Short introduction....I'm Manuel. Live in The Netherlands....36 years old. I'm owner of an audiovisual company. Mainly active on the B2B market in Europe, but also beyond.

I'm Wazer for quite a long time ;) and using Waze on iPhone and iPad.

Some of my tasks at the moment...
  • CM & Coordinator for Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourgh)
  • CM for Spain
  • Global Champ
  • Expert for a a couple of products
  • Forum Administrator & Moderator
I would like to help the Australian Community and Champs a bit...I have also CM rights for Australia. I don't want to say I'm a 'Country Manager', as I never been in Australia ;) It's not my intention to do massive map editing. Probably give some advice, setting up new feartures, .....

If you want to know more, or have any question, please let me know!

Who follows?

Post by adam_johnston
Hi there,

My name is Adam and I work for the Victorian State Govt. I got into Waze just to do my bit. I live in Colac and work in Geelong so they are the two areas I focus on. A lot of Corio and Norlane was missing and Colac was virtually non existent when I started. I like adding elements that give a driver queues while navigating such as creeks, parks and landmarks. I also like making sure that towns are connected and that road labels are consistent. Big style guide fan.

Keep up the good work.


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Post by AutoChandler
Hi all, name's Chris. Wazing in Waze for 10 months, living in Brisbane for 30 years. Finally figured I'd do more than just do reports and look at some map editing and whatever.

I have actually started reporting a lot more lately now that I've learnt the 3-finger tap for voice commands - that feature is AWESOME!
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Post by altriaus

Newbie's here. Call me Qui, started using Waze since two yrs ago, you guys have done a fantastic job (save a fortune of me, the speeding tickets of course...).

Sydney commuter most of the time, and just done the first edit, thinking about it's time to contribute back to the community.

Let's keep up the good works:)
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Post by AshS42
G'day one and all,

New Waze user but previously edited OSM in East Gippsland. Some of the new user experience has been a bit glitchy since I'm in a poorly mapped area (couldn't get directions form home because the router didn't know there's a road out front).

I plan on maintaining and building the map in my local government area (East Gippsland) where I volunteer with CFA and work at out local hospital.
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Post by blackhornet007
Hi All,
I have been using Waze for 4 Years now, in South East QLD and Sydney including Beta Testing.
I now live at Breakfast Point in Sydney.
I am lucky to do occasional drives for work from Newcastle in the north, Dubbo in the west, to Queanbeyan and Nowra in the south.
I have enjoyed helping with the map where possible so far and look forward to increasing my Map Editing activity in the future.
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Post by andy_vdg
Hi everyone,

Have been a Waze user for some time now and have edited maps in Europe, NZ and the US - still consider myself a newbie though as I only fix stuff when I find something's not right. Just recently relocated to Brisbane so thought I'd introduce myself.

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Post by BaronZuZu
Just started using Waze instead of Apple Maps in Carplay. Was a Garmin GPS user since 1992 - beta testing them in the Sahara among other places.

Found Apple Maps not to my liking, so moved to Waze.

As for me... Polish descent Brit, living the dream in South Australia, surrounded by vineyards.
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Post by ThatCampingDude
HI All,

I'm Bruce, fairly recent Wazer but loving the interface and community feel - especially for hazard reporting.

I've been spending most of my time around Gunnedah and the North-West NSW regions, and have had a few instances of searching for a location (eg Campground in a National Park) that comes up with a route not found note, yet I can get there with Google Maps - even though mobile service is patchier than your grandma's crochet blanket out this way. This led me to wanting to learn the map editor so I can still use my app of preference to navigate - as well as help others be able to get to the more remote places.

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