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Read the forum posting instructions.

If your country has a dedicated forum for unlocks or update requests. See this thread for details first.

Forum rules

Read these rules:
1. Use this forum ONLY if your country does not have a Dedicated Forum for update requests.
2. Read the forum posting instructions.

READ FIRST! Request instruction SUMMARY & Staff Unlocks

Post by AlanOfTheBerg
DO NOT USE THIS FORUM if your country has a dedicated forum for unlocks and update requests. Read this thread to find out if that means you.

1) Include the location (Country) of your Update Request in the "Subject:" line of your message post.

2) Indicate if you are an Area Manager for your requested segment(s), and your editing level status, so that we better know how any re-locking of the segments should be handled.

3) Select the segment(s) you are requesting to be updated in the Waze Map Editor, then create a Permalink to include in your message post.
a) Click on the road segment to be unlocked or for multiple segments, press the "M" key, then click each segment.
b) Click on chain-link "Permalink" in the lower right corner below the map.
c) Perform a COPY of the URL (web address) from your browser's address bar.
c) Perform a PASTE of the URL into your message post.

4) Provide a short explanation of why you are requesting the update.

Waze Wiki "Keyboard Shortcuts" reference:

Once you have properly posted Update Request, please do not reply to your own thread to "bump" it back to the top of the list.

When your update request has been completed, click the ThumbsUp icon on the reply from the editor who completed your request, and also click the ... solved.png green checkmark to show that the request has been completed properly.

SENDING A PM (Private Message)
If your thread has not been addressed within 2-3 days, (possibly longer for areas outside of North American) try sending a PM (Private Message) to one of the CMs that are active on this board. Here's the easiest way to do this:
- Open your thread.
- Click the "PM" button in your info on the right.
- In the "Compose Message" window, click the "X" button next to your name in the "To:" field.
- Type the CM's name into the textbox below that field.
- Click the "Add" button next to that box.
- Add any additional information that you desire (the necessary data will already be there, including a link to the thread and a copy of your post).
- Click the "Submit" button.

Until the locked segment issue is resolved by Waze, they ask that Staff Unlock Requests be handled by Waze Support staff, by completing this form: They will simply unlock the segment, not update it. You will need to do the update after the unlock is completed.

Thank you for your willingness to help make Waze maps even better, and for your patience in working through this "Unlock Request" process.

[Contributions to this post are from harling, mapcat, jasonh300, Spil, and GizmoGuy411]
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