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Mein schriftliches Englisch ist nicht so gut, darum schreibe ich deutsch!

In der Schweiz ist die Höchstgeschwindigkeit auf max. 120 km/h beschränkt. Würden nun die Automobilhersteller wie watze reagieren, sie müssten bei allen Fahrzeugen einen 2takt Motor einbauen und diesen noch plombieren!

Ich habe noch nie gehört, dass Porsche oder BMW eine Busse erhalten hat, weil Sie in der Schweiz Autos verkaufen, die mit über 250 Sachen rumrasen können!

Es ist auch nicht gestattet, während der Fahrt zu essen. McDonalds hat desswegen keinen einzigen "Drive in" geschlossen!

Und hey, ihr könnt in der Schweiz sogar ganz legal Waffen kaufen (z.B. Springmesser), die man aber dann gar nicht besitzen darf! Das ist doch gequirlte Sch...

Aber hier geht es eben um viel Geld und darum haben die Schweizer den Gesetzestext klar und unmissverständlich ausformuliert (

Art. 98a1 SVG

Warnungen vor Verkehrskontrollen

1 Mit Busse wird bestraft, wer:

Geräte oder Vorrichtungen, die dazu bestimmt sind, die behördliche Kontrolle des Strassenverkehrs zu erschweren, zu stören oder unwirksam zu machen, einführt, anpreist, weitergibt, verkauft, sonst wie abgibt oder überlässt, in Fahrzeuge einbaut, darin mitführt, an ihnen befestigt oder in irgendeiner Form verwendet;

Waze hat leider keinen Spielraum... Vielleicht müssten wir halt eine Volsinitiative lancieren, die erlaubt, sich vor Radarfallen warnen zu lassen...
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top_gun_de wrote:Even in Switzerland, the law is not that unambiguous. We should restrict our counseling to our own law system. ;)
No, in Switzerland, the law is very clear! The new text is very clear and has no gaps! Please read this text of the law, since the first January 2013 also applies!
Art. 98a Abs. 1 Lit. a SVG
Warnings of traffic controls
1 fine shall be imposed on anyone who:
a device or devices that are intended to make the regulatory control of road traffic, interfere with or render ineffective, imports, advertises, passes, sold, or how to write or leaves, installs in vehicles, carries with it attached to them or used in any form;
Therefore, it is understandable: waze is more a device that warns of radar. has no other way in Switzerland than to delete all speed traps. In Germany, this may be different.

And another thing: who waze installed only because of the speed traps, maybe you should better change to the bike ...

Translated with google :roll:
regards Thias
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Mynios wrote:This is Waze as you should know so no discussion please!
And what's that supposed to mean? Does that mean that we can help you to edit the maps, but here to discuss such things are forbidden?

Please, we are here in the Switzerland forum and we Swiss are known for our need for harmony and the search for compromise ....

We Swiss are used to argue about our laws and the decisions of our politicians. Unlike in neighboring countries, the government in Switzerland is the people! So the people in Switzerland has the power to change the law. And that includes a proper Disksussion in advance.

This little swiss civics should help you better understand us Swiss. :geek:

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it is a big mistake to remove the speedcams in Germany. Every local radio station (privat AND public-law broadcasting stations) inform about speedcams after the news and the traffic jam report. There is no law in Germany that it is forbidden!

Please, don`t remove this option here.

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Post by jonypony
Hi Wazers,

We're still considering the best way to deal with this issue.
We might have to make changes in the client in some countries, in order to comply with local laws.
We will inform you as soon as possible about any progress we make.

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Waze so serious?

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What about the speedcams? Any decision?
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Post by masju
Let the users decide whether they let themselves be warned or not. On their own risk.

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Post by LHD5000
Bring the speed cams back online - otherwise there is no need for me to use Waze.
I can still use "Blitzer" (which has no routing) but still warns me of speed cams.

Was the removal of speed cams Google's decission or Waze's decission?
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Post by masju
How many posts do we have to write until you revoke the decision?
It's not okay to let the community do all the work and than delete this function without any discussion :( .
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Post by Kuhlkatz
Pierre-wi wrote:By the way in Germany it is even illigal to use Waze anyways:
I think you are missing the point. In most countries it is illegal to operate and use a 'hand-held' device while driving. Even though this is primarily aimed at idiots with a mobile phone growing out of their ear, it can easily be adapted to mean any 'device'. If you look carefully, you should see that most laws use this wording and not 'mobile phone'.
The fact that you are not making a call while you are completing the latest Suduko on your mobile while driving, does not make it less dangerous to operate the device while holding it.

Mount the frigging thing in a car mount and they can not classify it as 'hand-held' any more. It just becomes a device.

It also does not mean that it is less distracting, you should know to keep your eyes on the road.

You guys also seem to forget that Waze 'stores' your drives, which other navigation systems do not. How long would it be before the operators of mobile or fixed cameras gets the bright idea to sue Waze or Google as the parent company for 'loss of income' due to the camera warnings.
Assuming that Waze actually store this info, all they need to do is request / attach the data, check your speeds before, during and after the warnings, and it should be easy to calculate some averages for users warned vs users not speeding. Compute this against the amount of total Wazers and it should be easy to guesstimate some figures.
After they can prove that, there's nothing stopping them going after individuals.

It may sound extreme, but I'd say the lawyers have a bit more homework to do than what you think.

Just my 2c..

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