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Anyone who uses Waze can edit the Waze map. An Area Manager is an editor who has chosen to take on responsibility for maintaining a specific area of the map. Some of the duties of an Area Manager include:
  • Being thoroughly familiar with the Australian Editing Best Practice Guide in the Wazeopedia.
  • Proactively improving the map in their area: naming roads, correcting geometry, setting turns correctly, etc.
  • Making necessary changes when road layouts are altered.
  • Dealing with roadworks: making any changes required to keep routing working correctly and monitoring the situation
  • Responding to and acting upon Update Requests and Map Problems
  • Approving/deleting traffic enforcement cameras as reported by users
  • Acting as a mentor to other editors, offering advice & support through the forums, personal messages and Waze Australia Discord server.
  • Regularly visiting the forums and Discord (see Waze Australia Discord server) so you can remain aware of the current best practices for editing the maps.
When assessing an application to become an Area Manager, these are some of the things we take into consideration:
  • Experience: we would normally expect an an applicant to be approaching, if not already, level 3. We would prefer a few months of editing experience.
  • Quality of Edits: your edits should comply with best practices as laid out in the Wiki
  • Participation in the Forums and/or Discord: much of the editing practices are developed by people like us - and YOU. Getting involved in the discussions demonstrates an interest in editing. It also shows the communication skills you will need when dealing with new editors in your Area.
Wicket descriptions are required to describe the area requested. Use this website to draw a Wicket to include in your AM request. Please put ONLY the Wicket description in the "area requested" field - extra verbiage makes things harder for us.

If you would like to become an Area Manager, or extend your existing area, please read How to Become an Area Manager and then complete this form:

> Application for initial or expanded AM area in Australia

Submitting this form does not notify anyone that a request has been made. For prompt attention, please notify a Country Manager by forum PM or Discord DM.

So come on, join Team Australia!
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