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Celebrating my first anniversary

Post by gerben

Tonight I discovered I joined Waze exactly one year ago.

My stats since then:

243935 points
Map Updates: 75029
Driving Alerts: 155
New Recorded Kilometers: 622.043
Existing Kilometers: 24410.053
Offline Existing Kilometers: 0
Resolved Update Requests: 495
Forum Posts: 636
House Numbers: 90
Waze Cookie Eater meters: 1043764
Your Ranking: 12 (World server)

For the next year (and many more) I hope to see a lot of new Wazers in The Netherlands, partly because of my edits (and of course the radio interview I did;-)). As you can see, I am more of an editor than a driver. I expect my ranking to drop in the next year because of that. Too bad I never made it to the top 10 (11th was my best).
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Post by gerben
I am proud of those!

When the proposal for a seperate editors league was posted on uservoice I immediately voted for it. As I drive 'only' about 500 kms a week, I think I am doing great against all salesmen, truckdrivers and other 'road people'.
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Post by dmcconachie
gerben wrote:We're almost 6 months later (in four days), and I've reached another milestone: 400k points.

My stats:
Rank, last updated: 6.9.2011, 2:00
400685 points
Map Updates: 116462
Driving Alerts: 334
New Recorded Kilometers: 622.205
Existing Kilometers: 38278.71
Offline Existing Kilometers: 0
Resolved Update Requests: 787
Forum Posts: 1076
House Numbers: 115
Waze Cookie Eater meters: 1078355
Your Ranking: 9 (world server).
Awesome stats, Gerben! Congrats!!
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Post by cherianchris
Congratz.. Being Busy and still finding time to Waze. Hats off to you. :o
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Post by arturoae
Lol u re not the only one ! But anyway congrats I just got my 100k edition so I'm celebrating too.

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Post by Daknife
Gonna add myself to this mark. Tonight is my first anniversary of using Waze and after a year:
Rank, last updated: 12.24.2012, 21:33
1,593,406 points
Map Updates: 491,288
Driving Alerts: 268
New Recorded Miles: 1.9
Existing Miles: 10,241.3
Resolved Update Requests: 3,278
Forum Posts: 983
House Numbers: 2
Waze Cookie Eater feet: 165,767.7
Your Ranking: 11 (US/Canada Server)

Amazing what you can do when unemployed for months on end. ;)
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Post by dknight212
Iain, the UK would not be the same without you, thanks!

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Post by DavidAbarca
Congrats for another year!
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