Discussion for the unofficial, community-developed addons, extensions and scripts built for the Waze Map Editor.

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Discussion for the unofficial, community-developed addons, extensions and scripts built for the Waze Map Editor.

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The official index of these tools is the Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools wiki page.

Be nice to the script authors!

Post by iainhouse
This forum contains details of some fantastic scripts. They add massive value to the Waze editing experience and I can honestly say that my score would not be half of what it currently is without the invaluable assistance of these scripts.

They are written by people like you & me. They do not get paid for it. They don't get any extra perks or privileges. They don't get a cut of your editing points (and God knows, they deserve it). They forgo time spent with family, friends, alcohol, the latest console games, books (can you still buy those?). They put in all this effort with no more reward than the kind words they get from us and the click of a "thanks" button.

So please be nice to them. Don't moan, or whine or complain.

If you want to suggest a new feature for a script, by all means do so. But if the author doesn't feel it's appropriate or doesn't want to do it, that's entirely up to them.

If a script stops working (probably because of a Waze update), don't just complain about it. Post a good description of the problem with relevant details - help the author to fix it. Remember - most script problems get fixed a damn sight faster than problems with official Waze products.

Above all, don't forget to hit thanks! We can't give them anything else - at least you can give them that.
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Post by Hello_W
RESPECT - A Big Thank You to everyone involved .
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Post by jaliatis
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Post by Twister-UK
With all the changes that are taking place behind the scenes in WME, now more than ever it's worth heeding what Iain wrote all those years ago.  Because whilst back then it wasn't always easy to maintain our scripts, in comparison to what the situation is like now those truly were the glory days of WME scripting.

These days, if scripts are broken, there's a fairly good chance that we'll no longer be able to fix them as quickly as we used to - the days of being able to roll out a bugfix within a few hours of the first bug report being posted are now fewer and further apart, and increasingly it's becoming likely that some bugs won't get fixed at all, either because despite our best efforts to come up with a solution the WME changes have defeated us, or because the script in question has finally been abandoned by its author having lost the will to continue throwing their time and energy into keeping things going.

As such, those of us who are still actively working on scripts, trying our damndest to keep them working despite whatever changes the WME devs throw at us, really do need all the help we can get from the rest of you, those who rely on our scripts to help them edit.  So please, please, PLEASE, do your best to continue providing useful bug reports as and when you discover something has broken, because otherwise we may not be aware that it's broken at all. 

And yes, clicking on that little thumbs up icon in the corner of the post also remains a beneficial act - not only does it still give us a little warm glow every time we see someone thanking something we've said or done, but the more thanks given to specific posts, the easier it is for us to then use the content of those posts as examples to the devs of things that the editing community feel strongly about.
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