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Add Junction is not working

Post by ericmau
I am trying since yesterday to add some junctions and I am not able to do this.

An example is in this cartouche. I am trying to add a junction to Rua Latino Coelho and Rua José Lins do Rego. The system says that the node was created but it does not in the map.

What I am doing wrong ? I noticed that it started yesterday.

http://world.waze.com/cartouche/?zoom=7 ... FFFFFFTTTT
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Post by ehagglun
I've had the same problem a couple of times, the junction is probably there, you just need to reload the map, like zoom in and zoom out... it's the same when removing a junction, sometimes it looks like the junction is still there until you either reload the map or make a road geometry edit...

I can see the node and select it in the junction you mentioned...
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Post by ericmau
Thanks for the advice.
Now I can see the junction.
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