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Amazon BHM1

975 Powder Plant Rd, Bessemer, United States
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Shandetra Scott
3 months ago
Was at the facility recently as a potential candidate for a part-time position. It was really disturbing and disheartening that two of ladies behind the glass partition wall was essentially not so nice. It does not cost anything for anyone to be nice. It is in my humble opinion that if you are in a position that requires you to interact with people, professionalism should be exhibited. Covid-19 should have taught us all to not take anything for granted. In my journey to become a small business owner I set out to start working at Amazon part-time as I currently have a full-time job that pays well.In my pursuit of doing so I would always be nice to everyone whether I'm in an entry level position or sitting behind a desk. I hope that someone in upper management would read this and have this conversation. Thanks to the young lady who I did talk to for exhibiting a level of professionalism. I have held many positions at other places of employment, from the janitor to the Lead HR representative I interact with are all treated with a level of great respect. It is not Amazon the company who I am giving a bad review, it is the employees chosen, to represent the company.