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Arkansas Children's Hospital

1 Children's Way, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
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Ashley Scarlet
2 weeks ago
I am beyond discouraged that this is the facility closest to home to place our babies lives in their hands. The funding that goes into this establishment should certainly be more focused on recruiting and retaining a caring staff. The initial security guard was the only person that pleasant during our visit. I completely understand staff being burnt out due to rude people and understaffing causing them to work longer hours than any person should. I get it. I’m in management and deal with the effects of the world first hand. However, this should be a safe place for everyone to feel confident bringing their babies for care. Tonight I watched my one years fever rise from 100.3 to 103.4 in a matter of an hour, on medication. When I politely brought it to a nurses attention, she dismissed me with the most repulsive demeanor. When I asked for a wet washcloth to attempt to soothe him and bring his fever down I was also met with an attitude that screamed I was putting them out. The waiting room was packed, everyone was clearly stacked on top of each other so I chose to stand next to the empty nurses station. A nurse would come out every once i awhile and she told me I could sit there. It was a safe distance from everyone else. Alittle while later, I suppose it was the floor charge nurse or mod approached me in a very rude manner and loudly reprimanded me for sitting there. When I told her the nurse approved it, she said okay and walked off. Honoring her request anyway I stepped to the side and attempted to help my son go to sleep. This woman walks behind me, starts taping a sign to desk and tells me I can go sit in the hallway. She was one of the rudest people I have met. When moms are worried about their babies and not receiving the care they need, don’t be so petty as to pull something like that. Any staff that interacts with patients should remain polite and show compassion. This is a children’s hospital. I watched babies as young as 2 months old scream and choke from coughing on their own mucus for more than three hours. This was so sad. If you can’t provide the care they need, step up your game. The rest of the world is having to adjust and offer proper compensation for staffing and this is NOT the area you should be attempting to save in when children are involved. I hope all the people funding this hospital is able to see the issues soon and take action. We need a safe place. This is not it.