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Barton Creek Square Mall

2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, Texas, United States of America
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Hannah Sharfae
a month ago
Have you ever been walking around in the mall with your hands full of stuff but have no more room to hold anything else? Malls should offer baskets for people to put their stuff in. I interviewed my class and 10 out of 24 people agreed that malls should offer baskets. When you are in the mall and have a few bags in your hand as well as a bit to eat it can be a struggle to hold everything in your hands without dropping anything. I go to the mall a lot and sometimes I end up having a lot of bags in my hand with no more room to hold anything else. It is not only inconvenient but with no room to hold onto other things most people, including myself, will leave the mall sooner which leads to the stores in the mall losing business. Most malls do provide “car carts” but those are for young children. Malls need to provide handheld baskets for people to hold their stuff in. It can be difficult to have to hold onto your bags the whole time you are walking around. It can be difficult to juggle all of your stuff in your hands while walking around a big place and getting more items. A few years ago I was walking around the mall with a few bags in my hands, I went to a restaurant to eat and I set my stuff down. After eating my food I grabbed my bags and left. It was not until I was driving home that I realized I had left one of my bags in the restaurant, and by the time I called and went back, they could not find the bag. It can be very difficult to keep track of everything when it is all scattered around. Malls will not only gain business but have a much better system for people. Malls need to provide baskets for customers' convenience and comfort, ultimately making the shopping experience more fun and more pleasant. In the end, malls will gain revenue as well as happy customers.