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Boca Beach Club

900 S Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, Florida, United States
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Lori M
a week ago
Being in the restaurant business for over 35 years I couldn't let this go. We went here on vacation and although the property was beautiful and we had a wonderful time finally getting away like many of us the management at this property was the most unprofessional I have ever experienced. Again, we are in the restaurant business so we are very empathetic to the challenges of finding qualified staff, but this manager should be terminated. We were going for lunch at the restaurant next to the bar and we asked to speak to the manager about an issue. The manager's name was Micheal and he did not give us his last name. He was so condescending, obnoxious and literally talked down to us pretty much calling us liars. I am not sure how my husband controlled himself. We never told him we have owned a very successful restaurant for over 35 years instead we listened and were horrified with his behavior. He had an attitude as if it doesn't matter and we (the staff) are untouchable. He was talking to us as if there was no truth in our complaint. This is when it got interesting. After he left a gentleman came over to us. Apparently he has been a Member there for over 15 years. We did not know this but it is also a beach club. He said that the management will lie and do not care. He continued telling us more then we needed to know, but I guess there are a lot of changes about to happen since members complain how employees are very unprofessional and a reorganization of the property is in the works. His wife then joined in on the conversation. she said this manager is new so that was very concerning. Being in the restaurant business I do not understand why they allow people to be treated this way. I believe always in second chances, but Micheal should be terminated immediately. What is this property waiting for? Our restaurant never would have lasted if we had management with this attitude and tone to our customers. Other then the management we had a beautiful room and putting this aside we would return once the reorganization of new management takes place.