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Carrefour De L'Estrie

3050 Boul de Portland, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Review summary
Sebastien Bolduc
5 months ago
I would have given a 5 star but bumped it down to 4 only due to my appointment not being fully respected by the employee. They were late for my appointment due to poor time management with the costumer whom was scheduled before me. When my appointment began the employee permitted another costumer, who did not have an appointment, to go in the store to look at frames. During my appointment the costumer without the appointment was being serviced by the employee. It was my appointment, not theirs! So I had to wait to receive service. Because time was lost during my appointment, due to the employee aiding this other costumer, my appointment was rushed. That was very unprofessional and disrespectful. The employee did do a good job nonetheless but needs to work on her time management skills. It was a bad decision on her behalf to allow the other costumer into the store. It's okay, people make mistakes. But I almost left the store without making a purchase when I saw I was being rushed. If a costumer is required to make an appointment then Bon Look should respect the appointment. As for the quality of the glasses verses the price, I am very satisfied! Don't bother buying glasses from your optometrist. You will end up paying way more for the "exact same quality" of frames and lenses that Bon look offers. I had shopped around with 5 different companies and the lowest price I received for prescription reading glasses was $300 for one pair with anti reflect. I got the same pair of glasses, with clear and blue light, for $179 tax included at Bon Look. The shipping was much faster than expected. The packaging was good and the glasses come with a decent case and cleaning cloth. The only downside is that their selection of men's frames is way less plentiful in style and choice than the women's frames. Also there aren't many available times to make an appointment to have adjustments made once receiving ones glasses in the mail. But overall I highly recommend Bon Look. I approve!