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Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Review summary
LaLa G
2 weeks ago
I recently had a connecting flight traveling through Charlotte Douglas Airport Sat .Oct 23rd . The city had a 5k run schedule on the terminal. I’m sure in planning they thought this was adventures and apparently profitable. But it was a headache for travelers flying into the City. We had to sit on the runway from our adjoining City more than half and hr until they cleared the runway and most of the flight miss their connecting flight 😡🤬. This was poor planning on the highest level. I was behind a couple that missed their flight (because of 5k Run.)They were en-route to a wedding and they were going to miss because there wasn’t a flight until several hrs later. A ton of stories were shared about missing their flight because of this (5k Run). I miss my flight . This city really needs better planning when it comes to planning because this was a bust, 😡🤬😤. How could you not consider the problems you would cause when planning a race on a terminal(at an airport)! Did you not consider the problems you would cause travels? Did you not think this was not going to not fit into everyone’s traveling plans? Making people miss special events etc. The planning committee needs to be fired AND the higher ups that allowed this to happen. Not a happy traveler 🧳 🤬