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3026 196th St SW, Lynnwood, Washington, United States
Review summary
a month ago
Amazing how the staff organized the drive through service. The day we were there at the Lynnwood location the line was LONG. I think we were the ninth car in the line up but more quickly came behind us. We saw two staff members walking up to the cars ahead of us talking to the driver of each car. We realized the staff member was taking orders. When it was our turn we had looked at the menu online before the staff member came to us so we knew what we wanted. After the staff took our order the person mentioned we'll be paying for our meal up ahead. We figured it be at the window like other fast food places. The drive through towards the building was moving steadily. Exactly in front of the side of the building before going around the bend another staff member was there with a portable machine. She confirmed the name on the order, we paid, and was told to continue through the drive through and someone at the window will have our food. It was the best experience of going through a very LONG line at a fast food drive through. I love there was a person in front of you to take your order rather then speaking to a machine because we could ask our questions about the menu since this was our first time to visit the restaurant. We were so impressed about the entire organized drive through system that we don't think about avoiding the place when we hear about the long lines of cars there.