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Chipotle Mexican Grill

616 Fellsway, Medford, Massachusetts, United States
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in the last week
This review is a bit delayed, and I should mention that I very rarely post public reviews. However, my experience was worth mentioning. I ordered two bowls online and went inside to pick them up. When the food was handed to me, I noticed that the bag was very light. I opened up one of the bowls only to find that there was nothing in it but sofritas. I told the man who gave me the food that it wasn’t what I ordered. He said, “well let me see your receipt”. I showed him and he said, “yep that’s what you ordered.” I said there must have been a mistake because it wasn’t what I ordered. He continued arguing with me about how it was MY mistake, rather than treating me as a customer. Really all he had to do was say, oops, sorry, what would you like. But no, he wanted to blame the customer. At the end he finally told me that if I wanted a refund I should contact Chipotle online, because he refused to do anything for me. I asked for his name and was jaw-dropped to find out he was the GM!! Absolutely terrible customer experience, and from a manager!