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City Furniture

6701 Hiatus Rd, Tamarac, Florida, United States
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Igone Rios
a month ago
I purchased a sectional, and I honestly don’t know what’s worse the customer service or the sectional. When I tried the sectional at the store the manual seats did not open well. Agent assured me that wouldn’t be an issue with my new couch, and that if in the case it was, I would have 24 hours to exchange the couch. Turns out that not only did I have the same issue but the couch was damaged upon delivery. Spoke with an agent within minutes but they were only willing to exchange the couch for the same exact couch. As of today I’ve had the couch replaced twice, and had a technician look at the couch and find no solution and still they are only will to exchange for the same couch. Mind you the one I want to exchange for is fully electric (so that I won’t have the same issue) and the the couch is more expensive. Makes absolutely no sense that their willing to replace the whole couch but only with the same sectional. In other words they rather have an unsatisfied customer than do exchange where they will make more money. Mind blowing. Do not buy this couch, and run as far away from Ashley and City furniture as you can. Horrible experience, will never purchase from them again!!