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Clam Haven

94 Rockingham Rd, Derry, New Hampshire, United States
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Barbara Pierce
a week ago
Beyond disappointed to the point of praying I don't end up with food poisoning. My mother and friends went today (they were disappointed too) and brought me back a clam plate. I was skeptical from the get-go. At first I thought the odd flavor from the fried clams was perhaps the tartar sauce so I whipped up some homemade. By the way, their tartar sauce is not good. I started eating a couple more clams and the flavor just didn't seem right, then I popped one more clam in my mouth, chewed for a few seconds and immediately spit it out while gagging. There was no doubt at this point that the clams were rotten. I told my housemates if I end up sick, it is 100% the clams. The meal was just disgusting. Aside from the clams, the rest of the meal was better only by the fact it wasn't rotten. The fry oil was old because the fries had an old oil taste to them, and as others mentioned the onion rings are just lousy.