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Clam Haven

94 Rockingham Rd, Derry, New Hampshire, United States
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Timothy “Incredible26069”
a month ago
I used to love this place and just changed my 5 stars to 1 this place went downhill FAST. I ordered a lobster roll medium scallops ( only 10 scallops and 41 dollars) and a clam haddock combo. It cost me 99 dollars for all three items. What the heck. The lobster roll was light on meat. The scallops were like nothing at all. And the meal was supposed to be hole clams and it was 2 whole clams and a bunch of strips. Mostly Fri batter. The fish was good but I did not see this till I got home and it was so hot out I did not want to eat hot seafood in 100 degrees. NO BATHROOMS Not going here anymore