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15901 SW Jenkins Rd, Beaverton, Oregon, United States
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Gary Hay
6 months ago
This is the worse experience I have ever had at Costco. Came for a tire rotation. Tires appear to have been rotated but did not check tire pressure on them. My front and back tires take different pressure. My front is reporting 80 PSI and my rear at 65 PSI. Should be the other way around. I would have guessed they would have confirmed pressure before I left. To make sure my pressure sensors were reading correctly I checked the pressure of the tires when I got home. Then when checking the back tire I found a good size scratch on my paint and tail light. I went back to have them adjust the pressure and look at my scratch. They fixed the pressure but I was told there was no way to prove they scratched my truck. So they will not do anything about it. They also adjusted the driver seat so they could drive the truck and now the driver seat no longer works. They told me again nothing they can do. I now have an appointment with my dealership to see what it will cost to repair my seat. Not sure how much out of pocket I will be after all this.