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Dundalk High School

1901 Delvale Ave, Dundalk, Maryland, United States
Review summary
8 years ago
i currently go to this school and i have to say it is NOT the best school i have been to. all the kids are into doing drugs and alcohol. its really annoying going to lunch and being asked if i want to do or buy something i shouldn't do. this place was built on the thought that kids would automatically change because of the new environment they are placed in, that is not the case. basically, this school is garbage.i have only had a few teachers that actually wanted to help kids and set good examples. its just the kids and school faculty that don't work hard enough to make any sort of change. they have assemblies that talk about not bullying and not doing drugs, but when it is over, kids walk out like nothing just happened. an assemble is not going to change kids thoughts once they go home. i know from experience. im not trying to sound like a kid that complains, i just think people need a different view on things!