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Edward Hospital

801 S Washington St, Naperville, Illinois, United States
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Tammy Santiago
2 months ago
Just finished a call to the billing dept. I received a collections letter in the mail and didn't understand why. The lady (who was very nice) I talked to didn't understand why either. She talked to her supervisor and was told that I didn't set up a payment plan. The original bill said to send $163.22 or the full amount. I was sending $250.00. The supervisor said I needed to call to set up a payment plan. The bill did not say call, it says to call if you have questions. Then the supervisor said that I was only to send the $163.22 not $250.00. Forgive me but I thought sending more would be a good thing, not a reason to be sent to collections. If indeed, I needed to call to set up a payment plan it should have said you must call, not if you have questions call. Now I asked can I set up a payment plan now? I was told no I have to deal with the collections agency. According to the collections letter I am still sending the payment the hospital (different address), so why do I have to go through the collections agency? The icing on the cake, if I still send the $250.00 a month (since I was sent to collections) it will just be sent back to me. I have to send the full amount, which I can't, to the new address. Didn't have any problems with the emergency room, but the billing department especially the management team needs help. Update: Just received my supervisor call. All Tabatha could say is the same as above and that's the way we do it. I have to deal with collections. Great customer service. Avoid this place!!!