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ER - Grandview Medical Center

3690 Grandview Pkwy, Birmingham, Alabama, United States
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Lindsey Capps
in the last week
The ER and hospital are understaffed but that is NOT the fault of the nurses and doctors working in the ER. The ER has NOTHING comfortable for family to sit on while waiting for a resolution to the problem you came in for. I was there approximately 11 hours and sitting in a hard chair all night unable to get any sleep. Maybe the chair would be fine for someone only there for a couple of hours but not for someone there all night. The only thing they really did was admit her and once that decision was made no one came back in the room to check on her unless she buzzed them. Her blood pressure had been through the roof so she should have had someone come in and check it periodically until she was moved to a hospital room, but when there is not enough staff how can that happen? On the floor, there were times when she was not being checked on. At one time they changed her sheets and then left her buzzer where she could not reach it. She is disabled so unable to perform the normal function of sitting up and reaching for it. I'm sure it was not purposely done but it is something that staff should think of before leaving the room of someone disabled, especially since she was not hooked to a continuous monitor, for whatever reason. I could provide additional issues but that would require information about my mother's health that might identify her. The rooms are not cleaned well as there were things left over from the previous patient, such as the No-Rinse bathing pads, which were open and wet so it was obviously previously used. The toilet had tape across it to let you know it had been cleaned, however there was still a ring in the toilet with what appeared to be a small amount of hairy looking mold. The sink in the room, outside the bathroom, has some sort of goo accumulating in the drain holes which is keeping it from draining well.