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Gold's Gym

1131 Merritt Blvd, Dundalk, Maryland, United States of America
Review summary
Grace Mburu
a month ago
I like the employees at this location, a lot. I’m not a huge fan of the gym itself, though. it’s always uncomfortably hot in there. It’s a gym, yes, so it does get hot but the way it gets hot in there is as if the heat is turned on. I do really like that there is a “ladies only” section of the gym, that is VERY comforting because the gym is rarely safe for women. I hate how some of their equipment stops, like just stops, after a certain time. You’ll be running on the treadmill and then after 20 minutes, the treadmill stops. It doesn’t slow down, it just stops abruptly. THATS VERY DANGEROUS. I almost twisted my ankle once. Altogether, the staff is the reason for the 3 stars. The staff is great.