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Golfland Sunsplash

155 W Hampton Ave, Mesa, Arizona, United States
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a week ago
So where do I begin over here at golf land. First and foremost this place does not have much traffic at all whatsoever. At the time of submitting this review there are about five people here. The party that I was here with was celebrating a girls eighth birthday party. I was sitting at the table with the parents from the beginning and a staff member approached us. The staff member told us that we cannot have cake on our tables because it is against the company policy and they do not do parties that way. I responded with a very positive I understand response and she proceeded to tell us to pack up everything and go across the street under some type of cabana or umbrella with chairs. Please do keep in mind that at this time it is currently raining outside and we have 10 kids with us and she wants us to do that which is completely inconsiderate. I would have expected her or appreciated her to at least tell us put a cake away but still enjoy a party that we paid for. But we received quite the opposite response and attitude that was projected in front of all the kids which from the business perspective is highly unprofessional and very disrespectful to the patrons that come here to pay for their salaries (Or hourly wages). Please believe me that this review will not end here on Google reviews. Not recommended to come here.