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Hampton Inn & Suites Munster

8936 Calumet Ave, Munster, United States
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Cassandra Smith
a week ago
I was surprised to have had an extremely unfortunate and uncomfortable situation at this hotel location. I must admit I’ve stayed there a few times and had a pleasant experience. In the past, I was greeted upon arrival, small talk while checking in and out. I am a honors holder and have traveled to other hotels in this association so I have received complimentary upgrades. I first wanted to address that. So other experiences I’d rate a 4. Room was clean. Not the most glamorous room but it served my purposes. The most recent occurrence was extremely disappointing. I was planning a last minute stay and walked in to book around 7-9 pm. The gentleman at the desk began the check in process. I was making small talk but also genuinely interested and inquired about front desk and HR roles with the company. The gentleman named Joseph shared with me that there were open roles with the company then he suggested the cleaning crew. I was taken back because I hold two degrees, I presented myself well and that’s not to say that cleaning crew members don’t. But I inquired about HR and front desk roles (not even necessarily for myself. I frequently ask these questions as an HR Consultant). I asked him again about the roles I inquired about. He told me that there was a front desk position open and that HR roles were handled by corporate on web page. I figured as much with the HR role but sometimes there is HR on-site so again I’m making conversation and networking. I asked him why he directed me to the cleaning positions when I asked about two other roles. (As though I don’t know what I want). He said that there’s a greater need for cleaners. I understand this however it comes across gender and racially bias when you’re directing a woman of color to a cleaning position after I asked about other roles. He then refused to allow me to book simply because I was educating him on how his behavior or ignorance came across to me. He was unwilling to simply apologize for the misunderstanding and take accountability for how this came across. Instead he chose to avoid altogether. I am placing this here because it’s unacceptable and should be followed up with conscious and unconscious bias training as well as a conversation with me about what would be an appropriate remedy to prevent me from terminating my relationship indefinitely with this organization.