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Hospital Wanita & Kanak-Kanak Sabah

Jalan Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
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2 months ago
I was there on 29April2021-2May2021 and had my ceaseran for my delivery. I have to mentioned here during my period of time at the HOSPITAL LIKAS. my points of review 1. FAILED TO COMPLIANCE SOP DURING COVID-19 (Staff nurse touching my breast without wash or sanitize her hand) 2. Cleanliness management (Toilet dirty, dustbin full, no proper hand sanitizer and hand wash, brush and broom left inside the toilet,etc) 3. Hospital system ( No proper guideline, queuing system, no direction, poorly management communications system) 4. Staff behavior & attitude (The food server seems so arrogant when serving a food, we feel that been treated so badly, mcm bagi makan sama binatang and most of staff nurse not friendly and so stress doing they work) 5. Hospital policy vs humanity ( breast feeding no bottled allowed) please consider this and especially to ceaseran or concerned mother with issue. Rooms to improve 1. It’s a time SABAH GOVERMENT to have very OWN SEMI-GOVERNMENT (FFP) hospital as example HOSPITAL PUTRAJAYA or PPUM (I have money to pay for it but I have no choice to give birth at your hospital due to my condition and I am afraid taking for granted to give birth at private in Sabah) 2. FFP choice for STATE DEVELOPMENT AND FOR THE SAKE OF OPPORTUNITY THE DOCTORS TO GET PERMANENT TITLE OR JOB INSTEAD OF CONTRACT OR SO EVER 3. WELL TRAINED AND HIGHLY PERSONALITY WITH GREAT MINDSET STAFF NURSE DOCTOR And HEALTH DEPARTMENT ORGANISATIONS Lastly (the slogan since I not yet born to this world) SABAH MAJU JAYA