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Hyatt Regency - Tulsa

100 E 2nd St, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
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Robert Jackson
in the last week
This is my second review ever written, because I usually give establishments the benefit of the doubt. I have previously stayed at this hotel a half-a-dozen times for business due to its downtown location. All previous stays were pleasant. I flew into town 6/13 around noon and attempted to check-in understanding normally rooms are not ready. Service was slow at the time and they only had 1 of 3 desks servicing customers. The line grew behind me but there were no attempts to help expedite things. After a 17-minute wait, as expected rooms were not available which was totally understandable. I checked my luggage and gave my cell number to be notified when my room was ready. I came back to the hotel to check-in at 5:30pm. Again, a long line and only 1 of 3 desks working. After 15-minutes, an attendant opened a desk and asked for the next customer. Being that I was second, I stepped up only to have the attendant immediately leave to go to the back room. After 3 more minutes of waiting, I was notified that they no longer had rooms available and I was to get a voucher to stay somewhere else. It was deeply disturbing how I was treated since the 4 customers before me were given room keys and allowed to be checked-in. I hope no one has to ever experience what I went through and was surprised to be treated in such a way from Hyatt. I won’t waste my time and money at the Hyatt Regency Tulsa Downtown. Please stay away from this place.