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9625 Calumet Ave, Munster, United States
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a month ago
I’ve never in my life had such a terrible experience at a restaurant! My family and I were racially profiled here by the owner. We had a problem with our seating upon arrival, we were basically told we had 90 minutes to eat. Then after ordering a drink, I brought to the waiters attention that it was completely watered down, she stated they don’t return drinks to the bar as the bartender is “finicky” about these things. I expressed that I didn’t want anything for free, I just wanted my drink prepared again, but I let it go......After waiting an hour for our food, we were served cold, overcooked food! I brought it to the waiters attention again and she said she couldn’t do anything about it and asked if I wanted a manager, I agreed. The owner which was also the hostess who seated us (reluctantly) avoided coming to our table. She continued to go seat other guests and completely ignore us. We then see her huddle up with two waitresses in the corner and proceeded to tell one of them to come to our table. The waitress pretended to be the manager, came over and apologized, and offer to reheat the already overcooked shrimp. We expressed to her that this wasn’t sufficient, we did not want cold, overcooked food. The owner/hostess still avoided coming to the table. They made us sit there never attempting to rectify the situation, so we got up and proceeded to leave. The owner and the chef came running out, the chef was holding a knife! Threatening me and was yelling call the police we were dining and dashing. I was completely mortified! We didn’t eat the food but to alleviate any further unwarranted embarrassment, I went back in and paid and called the police myself. I explained the entire ordeal to the officers and they agreed that we shouldn’t have been treated this way and I filed a police report against the chef who decided to chase me with a knife! I strongly feel the treatment my family and I received was due to racial profiling. I am utterly disgusted by their service, food, and behavior and I will be pursuing this as a civil matter.