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New England Sports Center

7 A St, Derry, New Hampshire, United States of America
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Otto Kinzel
a week ago
Tried to bring my 11 year old daughter there to get some extra batting practice. We had the audacity to go on their basketball "league" night, meaning the people who worked there couldn't be bothered to help us. We paid to go use the batting cages with the pitching machine. The young woman behind the counter couldn't be bothered to show us where to go, instead vaguely pointing to the general area. Once we found where the cages were located, NONE of the pitching machines actually worked. We needed to man handle the machines (which are VERY heavy) to try an get them to operate; keep in mind not a single employee could take the time to assist us to get them to work. It was basically "here, YOU figure it out". I'm shocked that from a liability standpoint the owner and management would want regular customers having to set up the pitching machines and get them working. But that's what we had to do. Again, the people working couldn't be bothered. The young woman who "helped" us said she was "too busy" with customers (i's guessing a lot of them were on her phone? because she was pretty involved with that). After easily spending 30 minutes desperately trying to get a single machine to work, finally someone from the facility came with a different machine. And yet, it still was barely functional. If you're going to advertise that you have pitching machines then by god MAKE SURE THEY ACTUALLY WORK. The entire experience was a joke and I'll never go to this facility again.