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nooch נוצ' סושי רמת השרון

31 הסייפן, רמת השרון, Israel
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Keavlar K
a year ago
The place is nice, not the quietest, but it is up to the costumers. The tables a little crowded, to each other. Which I would like them to improve. As well as paying attention to the costumers. There are times, before you order, the come to you every 2 minutes. And 2 minutes after you just were able to sit. After the order, when you eat, you desperately trying to get their attention to ask for something, by then depends on what you eat, the food getting cold. The food is tasty. Prices for the wine is kind of expansive comparing to the amount of wine you get. Cleanses - well, as the best time to relax is at evening, there is dark, so you cant see much, unless it is on your table. And in regard to that, they need to pay attention to the tableware better, as few times I got dirty glasses and silverware, which i requested to change for me, and at some point, when I got it back, it felt like it was cleaned with a cloth. ( And I am not talking about water marks on the silverware, but actual sticky substance, which need to wash with soap ) . Despite all that, it is a really nice place, comfortable, depending on where you sit. It has it also romantic vibe with the dark lights. But still can be improved.