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Northshore High School

100 Panther Dr, Slidell, Louisiana, United States
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Cierra Sylvia
3 years ago
Brule is literally the worst teacher I have ever come across. How she got hired and still has a job I will never know. She shoves kid next to a blasting AC and when they ask to move the desk or move into another she refuses and sends them out the class. She doesn't allow them to make up work when a tragic incident happens to a child and they miss school. She sends children out the classroom every other minute for literally no reason. And that’s not all. It’s amost like she’d rather make a child miserable and hope they fail, and make a horrible situation worse for a child instead of being a decent human being/TEACHER. Someone people trust with their kids everyday. She is a disgrace. I think it would be nice to have the principle or assistant principle sit in on a couple classes at random to see how things work in her classroom then maybe things will change. There have been may incidents and nothing is getting done or changing so maybe now that it’s public where everyone can see it and what’s going on around there it will be taken care of.