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Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

5000 Hennessy Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America
Review summary
Chantel Leininger
a month ago
Well, 9 hours later and we are still in the ER. 97 yr old grandfather with fluid on lungs and wheezing. They wheeled us straight into ER… and straight to the opposite side of the nurses desk. Right out in the open hallway laying on a bed freezing. When he had to use the bathroom, they handed him a urinal and walked off. What were all the nurses doing? Well, cutting up, laughing, EVERY single one was on their phones… could’ve cared less about patients. A few residents came and gathered information and apologized for the wait. They kept saying they were just waiting for a room to admit him. Well, we arrived at 10pm… I am currently sitting in a chair beside him waiting for transport to come and get us to admit him on the hospital floor… it is currently 6:45am.! I am beyond disgusted with this hospital. There is absolutely no reason for this. Laziest bunch of people I’ve ever seen. I will never come to this hospital again!!