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Palomar Medical Center

2185 Citracado Pkwy, Escondido, California, United States of America
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Offbeat Media: Farshad Farrokhzad
a year ago
They killed my mother. My 83 year old mother had a stroke at the Oak Hill Residential Care, 612 Tranquility Glen 92027. They refused to call 911 or feed her any food or water for 5 days hoping that she would fade away and everything would seem normal and very natural. Not knowing what had happened to her my sisters kept informing the facility management that our mom has not been eating or drinking her favorite food nor has she been speaking to them. But they kept assuring my sisters that she is fine and has been eating and drinking as usual or that she had just finished eating just prior to their arrival. This went on for a few days until they spoke to me about her condition. I called the facility doctor who visits the facility once a week and FORCED him to go visit my mom the next day and he reluctantly accepted. I drove from L.A. and was there the next morning. But, by the time I arrived I received a call from my sister. She said the doctor call 911 after visiting mom and they were taken to the Palomar Medical Center. At the Palomar her doctor confirmed that mom has had a stroke and not received any food or drinks for at least the last 5 days. As a result of that she had lost her kidney functions and is not able to see, to hear or to speak. She was on the bed in the emergency room. When I walked in the room, she looked at me and tears ran down from the corner of her eyes. I asked if I could kiss her and she moved her head with difficulty to kiss me. So, she could both hear and see. Then I saw her urine bag and it was filling up. This meant that even though her kidneys may have damaged some but they were functioning. I pointed these signs to the doctors and they said her heart is also damaged and it is like a balloon that was filled with water. It was bigger and its muscles were weak. I told them that she has been living with that condition for the past 30 years. It was nothing new and she has been doing fine with it. Despite all that I pointed out they said that she is going to be sent to hospices after a few days. I disagreed but they sent her to the Escondido nursing where they also did not give her any food or water until she passed. She was a fighter. Oh... She was a fighter. I guess the life of elderly and fragile is worthless anymore. Even the Escondido police did not pickup her case after initially being deprived of any food and water at the Oak Hill Residential Care for five days. I think it is more humane to have just shot her in the head and not let her suffer for 6 days. Oh... mom... Oh... my poor loving mom. My beautiful, loving mom. I cannot hold back my tears every time I think about her. I have to live with the pain of remembering how much my beautiful mom suffered until the day I join her. For more information I may be reached via mkhounani@gmail.com.