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PIH Health Hospital - Downey

11500 Brookshire Ave, Downey, California, United States
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Lucia Valdivia
a month ago
3rd and final update: mom was discharged despite incredibly high sugar levels. Same day, had to call 911 because this hospital did not give her anything to manage her sugar levels. They sounded annoyed that I kept calling for an actual discharge and medication plan. Update: Much better day today. Friendly front office young women. Nurses and doctors in ICU like always, very informative and helpful. In one good evening of customer service they went from 1 star to 3! Update: Next evening. I really wanted to give this place a better review. Nurses and doctors are very caring, but the rest of the staff needs customer service training. So rude and devoid of compassion. This is in the ICU. One of the nurse assistants took it upon herself to walk back and forth until she came to tell me to leave. No polite way of wording that visiting hous are over. Just a frown and tone with attitude. This is about the front desk. First impressions are priceless. We were waiting for about an hour for mom the come out of surgery. All of a sudden out of nowhere without tact or compassion one of the 2 front desk employees asks if we're waiting for someone. Anxious to know if mom is okay we say yes and say mother's name thinking he might have information. No, he doesn't. He decided that after an hour he'll do his job and tell us that either my young niece or elderly aunt or I (their only ride) have to leave or step outside because only 2 people can wait. By the way, there was only 1 other person across the way at a different waiting area. When I asked info about her and if i can leave my number because now i have to drive my aunt home, he threw a sticky pad and pen at me to write my number. He gets on the phone and ignores me leaving my number exposed on the counter. Upon returning both he and the woman at the front desk decide it's okay to take a break together and leave the station unattended. Another person waited over half an hour to get information about her family members. Needless to say this place has awful service.