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Sam's Club

2621 S Market St, Gilbert, Arizona, United States of America
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Laura “Long Islander” Delaney
in the last week
Using the club is supposed to make shopping easier not harder. I had one location where I used to get all my usual items. Then the management must have changed at my location as now i have to shop at multiple stores. This has gotten old, waste of time money and gas. Now for the app...this is at least the 3rd strike against Scan and go. I have wasted so much time using this thing. sometimes it only partially works and other times it doesn't work at all. I have lost quite a bit of money and time trying to use this. at least one other time there was a credit offered to use scan and go and I lost out on that as well due to the app not working properly. I will not use this again unless Sam's club gives me my money back. I could hear it accept the bar code then not add it to my order. I even tried to type in the bar code and it said product not found. after all that I had to go to the cashier to be checked out so I lost money, time and patience. Especially on the products I purchased that was on special if you used Scan and go. I will be returning these items back to the club and wait for a monthly sale on them. very disappointed especially all the money and years I spent in the club.