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Seafood City

3495 Sonoma Blvd, Vallejo, California, United States
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John Horning
3 weeks ago
Stepping into this "Super-Store" is better than ANY 5 smaller stores in most towns and cities. Complete with 2 restaurants inside, this place LITERALLY has it ALL! Need a full-fledged meat dept? Here. Need a seafood dept? Here. Need a vegetable section with a selection you can't find outside of Chinatown? HERE!! Rices, noodles, sauces, snack foods, sodas...Here!! I went in on a humbug, because I didn't believe the hype, and now I'm a believer. I purchased beef liver with blood, a solid 4lbs of pork belly, salmon, chicken liver/hearts/gizzards/, Lay's potato chips in flavors you can't find outside of the internet, sauces for dishes I'll both learn to prepare and have prepared, rice noodles in 10lb bags, 1dz duck eggs, and 8 bags/boxes of various snack cakes and items I can't pronounce. Why? Because I can't get them at the stores in my hometown of Chico. Pictures are hard to come by, due to the employees both not wanting to be in them, AND it's not allowed in the store. Just GO IN ONCE...that's all it will take, trust me. You don't have to be Asian to both shop here or enjoy an experience like this. Go with the flow and let THIS wash over you.