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Sidecar Doughnuts

270 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, United States
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Michele W
5 months ago
Don't be daunted by the line. It's a small place with little standing room inside, but very well staffed. The line was out the door and I probably only spent 5, maybe 10 minutes in line. There's 2-3 small tables outside but it's not a place designed for you to go and hang out. If you have a big family you're probably better off having them decide what they want by looking online and going to pick it up yourself. I came here because they are one of the few places that makes their donuts without soy (which I can't have). They cannot accommodate serious allergies/celiac. Their donuts are very rich and creamy. My friend said they're "almost not like a donut". I would tend to agree but I really like the cinnamon donut anyway. I didn't care for the huckleberry--it wasn't bad, just too sweet and tart for my taste.