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St. Boniface Hospital

409 Tache Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Hannah Astrope
a month ago
My Mom spent a lot of time here before her passing due to pancreatic cancer. During those times we had good experiences and bad. After a procedure at a different institution my Mom was brought back to St.B. When she arrived with my Aunt the greeters would not allow my Aunt to stay with my Mom, which is reasonable. What was unreasonable is that the greeter then told the nurses that my Aunt had just "left my Mom there because she didn't have time to wait". My Mom was sedated and tried to explain the situation to no avail. My good experiences are centered around the treatment of my Mom during her many stays in the hospital. Every nurse that met her seemed to love her. I would go to visit my Mom and nurses would greet me with "Oh you must be so & so's daughter!" My Mom felt very welcomed there and I felt good knowing she was being treated with dignity and respect.