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7505 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, California, United States
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Jasmeen Rizk
2 months ago
The Target location on Sunrise REALLY sets the standards for how Target’s customer service should be compared to this location. The cashiers don’t care. We stand in a line of three people waiting and an employee walks into the register right next to us, the cashier just stands there not saying anything. We give her some looks hoping she’d even offer just a simple greeting to let us know the shes ready to take us, instead we get nothing. She’s just standing there, doing nothing and looking around like a small child in a mall. We finally approach her because our line wasn’t moving (keep in mind she’s standing right next to us, she should tell us when she’s ready to take us) and she finally says “Yea, if you’re ready I can take you” meaning she just stood there the whole time for no reason? She wasn’t doing anything. Let alone it was obvious we’re waiting in line at a register with a few people ahead of us. That’s only common sense for her to know to take us. Firstly there’s no eye contact what so ever. I don’t take that too harsh though, many people aren’t comfortable with eye contact so that’s understandable. However, she is ringing us up and is just TOSSING our items like a ball on the little bagging counter area. She rubs all over her face and then touches our items as if we’re not in the middle of a pandemic. No eye contact once again, doesn’t even tell us our total nor to have a good day. I have to say the only decent customer service we had was when the security guard told us to have a nice day. The Target on Sunrise treats customers like they’re family. They have the mindset that the customer’s problem is their problem and low and behold, they are able to at least pretend they’re enjoying their job unlike this location. It’s disappointing seeing how employees at Target used to give their all now to see cashiers who don’t even care nor try to help OR exhibit problem solving skills like the Sunrise location. I really expected more from this location.