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6231 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Christina O'Malley
9 months ago
I was looking to purchase an electronic picture frame as a gift for a loved one and wanted to compare the frames that were not visible from the box. Target security was difficulty to identify as a staff member. She approached me with an accusatory attitude and was not empathetic to my concern. She would not open the box for me and informed me that I needed to purchase the item and could not see the item first. An electronics member was not knowledgeable of the flash drive I needed for the frame.. this member informed me that he did not directly work for target and could not show me the frame. He directed me to another electronics member who proceeded to use a knife to open the box, opened it upside down, and showed me the frame covered in styrofoam. I requested again to see the frame, at which time he showed me a corner, and i had to again request to see the entire frame. After checking out my items, I was told that they could not provide me with a gift receipt and that I would have to check out again at guest services. The employee at guest services was not happy to help me and was short and dismissive. I was thankful that my cashier listened to my experience and was just as surprised at the rude behavior displayed by two contractors and two employees. Neither electronic services nor guest services were busy at this time. I left wondering if it was worth the trouble and if I should have gone to a different location.